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Six steps in Layering

Layering is a way of applying skin carse in several steps to get a softer skin, and much more.

Follow the steps of this famous beauty asian ritual :

Step 1: The cleaning oil Jojoba . Even without having makeup, the skin needs to be cleaned.

Step 2: The exfoliating scrub Avocado. Once to two times a week, it allows to disincrust dead cells.

Step 3: The clarifying lotion Panama’s wood. It tightens the pores once the skin is clean.

Step 4: The repair cure Papaya. Once or twice a week, it helps regenerate the skin.

Step 5: The shinning look serum Horse Chestnut. It fights dark circles and puffiness under eyes.

Step 6: The protective cream Olivier. It aims to avoid dehydration

Our beauty tip: Dry your skin between each care !