loyalty To thank you for your loyalty

Purchasing yours skin cares and accessories on the online shop, you win loyaly points which allow you to get skin cares or accessories for free.

To benefit of the programme, please read these simple steps bellow :

1/ Purchase your products. 1 euro = 1 point .

 Have a look in your personnal account  and see the number of points you won once you finished your first order.

2/ Change them with items on the online shop :

– Cleaning Oil Jojoba 222 Points

-Exfoliating scrub Avocado 234 Points

– Clarifying lotion Panama’s wood 246 Points 

-Repair cure Papaya 258 Points 

-Shining Eye Horse Chesnut 246 Points 

Protective cream Olivier 270 Points 

2 washable wipes 42 Points 

Beauty Bag  54 Points

 During your next order, fill in the form “comment”,  the reference of the care you wish as a gift.

3/ At the time of the registration  of the order, MaForêtBio will discount the points corresponding to the care won. Unused points will be remain in your personal account for a unlimited time. You will receive your gift in the same time you will receive your order. Note that in one order, you can also accumulate enough points to select the product of your choice!

For example, you order 1 repair cure “Papaya” ( MFB-F-REF4), 1 cleaning oil “Jojoba” ( MFB-F-REF1), 1 clarifying lotion “Panama’s wood”( MFB-F-REF3) and 1 eye contour  “Horse Chestnut” ( MFB-F-REF5), you get 162 points. On the next order, you choose 1 cleaning oil “Jojoba”( MFB-F-REF1) and 1 protect cream “Olivier”( MFB-F-REF6). You earn an additional 82 points , a total of 244 points. You have enough points to win the exfoliating scrub “Avocado”( MFB-F-REF2). You can therefore specify “MFB-F-REF4” in the comment before setting your second order. This order will be delivered to you  with your gift. You will still have 22 points in your personal account.

Benefit from the free delivery with more than 6 items (off accessories). And if you want to enjoy more, subscribe now for free to our  webmagazine …



* free each trimester