tree wood forest bathing flower fruit essential oil distilled water

The trees, naturally

Everything begins in the heart of the earth: the seed takes root, grows and becomes a majestic tree.

“MaForêtBio” was inspired with this idea designing a range of care in harmony with nature. Think of your skin, and more precisely your epidermis, the superficial layer of the skin which covers the deep tissue of the dermis.

The parallel with the bark and the sapwood of the tree becomes obvious. Using the moisturizing and regenerating properties of the trees; the barks , fruits, stones and flowers, with distilled plant water, vegetable oils, Essential oils and plants extracts, you could keep a skin more beautiful !

Each of our treatments are provided with a glass packaging, to allow a better conservation of the product, with a white oak cap. A clean wooden design that is fully consistent with our formulations.

Nature is already  rich for the skin, so why are we using products derived from petrochemicals?